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Always made from local Grass Fed Grass Finished Free Rrange Beef suet


Tallow is simply rendered beef fat. The rendering process is to gently cook and liquify the raw beef fat (specifically the suet). Once liquified, it is allowed to cool and harden. This process results in  a shelf-stable cooking oil with a high smoke point and a whole bunch of health benefits!


Some of the benefits of cooking with beef tallow include:


  • Beef tallow is high in vitamins including A, D, K, E, and B1.

  • Nutrients in tallow are easily absorbed by your body.

  • Tallow is high in the natural antioxidant conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that can reduce inflammation.

  • Tallow contains palmitoleic acid which can aid in fighting off infections.

  • It's a good source of choline which supports healthy nervous system function.

  • Unsaturated fats like tallow can increase the body's fat-burning reaction to aid in weight loss.

  • Beef tallow adds a savory and delicious flavor to the foods you cook with it!

Beef Tallow - Free Range Grass Fed 8 oz.

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